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We serve clients in the Denver Metro area, Boulder area, Longmont area, Castle Pines, and Parker - basically The entire front range. We are willing to travel all over the state for a mileage fee.

American Billiards Service is a full-time family ran pool table moving and service company. We specialize and focus all of our time on standard American pool tables and other non coin operated game room items like Shuffleboard and Foosball tables. We, however, do not move or service Snooker, Carom, or Coin Operated pool tables. 
This is a huge industry and we want to keep our efforts focused on the most common style of pool tables. Along with moving pool tables we also offer dismantle and assembly services and moving and crating preparation. Sometimes pool tables need repairs, requiring new cloth or new rubber bumpers or even need the outer pockets replaced.
  • Pool table moving
  • Pool table repair in Denver
  • Recovering and cushioning pool tables
  • Assembly and leveling pool tables
  • Pool table restoration Castle Pines
  • Secure climate controlled storage
  • sale of pool table parts and supplies

American Billiards Service Delivers Outstanding Pool Table Repair Services

American Billiards Service is a professional, family ran, billiards moving and service company that delivers the best service and the best price in Denver! American Billiards Service has made its name and brand by providing excellent and reliable service at a truly fair price. Sometimes our prices can seem unbelievable but we can keep our costs down because we are a mobile business and pass those savings on to the customers! Lower overhead means a lower price without sacrificing any quality of materials, tools, or workmanship!
So, if you want to get top-notch services from the premier pool table moving company in Boulder, please get in touch with us today. We will respond to all your calls any time of the day or night, and will be more than happy to provide you with high quality professional help at very competitive rates.
If you're in the Denver Metro area, Boulder area, Longmont area, Castle Pines, Parker, or other surrounding areas, and are looking for top-notch pool table moving or pool table restoration Castle Pines folks trust, you couldn't have come to a better place!​

Our Premium Services

    American Billiards Service specializes in moving pool tables in Colorado and the entire Denver metro area. We are fully insured both in homes and on the road. Our Denver pool table movers truly care about your house and your personal property and take full responsibility for mistakes and mishaps. We believe in honesty and personal accountability in your home and on the road.
    At A.B.S. we love setting up pool tables! We only use the finest tools and materials to get your table playing perfectly. We only use Starrett machinist levels, Makita drills, Craftsman hand tools and locally recycled beeswax to bond the slate. All of our services come with a full 1 year service warranty. If your table is not right or settles into the carpet we come back out and fix it for free, when we are in the area!
    Our customers sometimes need their pool table taken apart for many reasons. Maybe its new carpet, a pipe bursts in the winter, or it could be a complete remodel or finishing a basement. For whatever reason, American Billiards Service can help and offers emergency services if needed.
    Standard Proline Teflon Billiard cloth is used for all pool table recovering jobs. If you’re looking for something a little faster, Simonis or Pro line Pro Form cloth is highly recommended for serious players. All recovering is done on site in your home. Reupholstering also includes re-leveling and wax bonding of the slate.
    There is an easy way to tell if your cushions need replaced. Push on the nose of your cushion. It should be firm yet have some give. If they are really soft or hard as a rock they need replaced. We use standard 90% gum rubber cushions. Higher quality cushions are available such as Artemis.
    We at American Billiards are professionals at preparing pool tables for moves across long distances. Sometimes customers move across the country or the world and need their tables prepped to make the journey. We build custom crates on site for the slates, using only 2x6s and 2x4s for serious support. Then we put the cloth, pockets, accessories, and hardware in boxes. Finally we bubble wrap the frame, then the legs, and wrap it in plastic wrap and place it all in your garage or moving truck.
    We care about your hard earned money and will do everything we can for you to make the right choice in your purchase. This market has no blue book a customer can use to make an informative decision on buying a pre-owned pool table. That is where we come in. As a professional pool table service in Denver, we know all about great billiards tables and the ones to stay away from such as one piece slate pool tables. Sometimes the table is not worth the cost of moving and we will give anyone honest and up front advice about everything and tell you what to look for when purchasing a used pool table.

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